We are committed to sourcing sustainable products.  And as our business grows, we will continue this approach and seek continual improvements through-out our business operations to lessen our impact on the environment.

Sustainable Mango Wood

It takes a mango tree 15-20 years to reach full height with a trunk of up to 1.5m in diameter. At this point the tree stops producing fruit (or produces far less).  Mango farmers cut down the tree and plant younger trees, so that they can continue to produce and sell fruit.  Instead of the farmer burning the wood, we use it to make our beautiful mango bowls.

Our Packaging

Where possible, our packaging is made from recycled and fully recyclable materials.  All items used to pack our goods to ensure they arrive un-damaged at your door are fully recyclable.  This includes our cardboard shipping cartons, protective wrap, internal packing paper and packing tape.